Happy New Year to all!

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So you’re all roaring to go and get yourself fit for 2019, well bring yourself down to GFC for some Muay Thai training. We’re a family run, fun, friendly and most-of-all professional gym with trainers truly involved at the highest levels of combat sports, so if you’re looking for quality training then look no further.

New to Muay Thai in 2019?

If you’re new to Muay Thai or just want to try something new, then our beginner’s classes on Wednesdays 7pm and Sundays 2pm are perfect for you. We won’t throw you in the deep-end, sparring or anything crazy, but you’ll get a good introduction to Thai Boxing and will be guaranteed to get a thorough workout just as you’d expect from a boxing gym.

If you’re not sure what to expect, then checkout our FAQ page linked below for further information.

Experienced old hands?

If you have a little more experience, then our Monday bag circuit (easily achievable after a few info lessons in basics classes) is superb for blowing the cobwebs off a long holiday or a big weekend! As usual our Tuesday and Thursday classes are set-up for our more experienced boxers who are looking to spar or compete more.

Muay Thai for Juniors

We have regular kids classes throughout the week from ages 5 upwards. There’s no pressure for any child to start training, so feel free to come and watch any of our classes first, we have plenty of chairs so you can sit comfortably and see how our regular lot get on before deciding. Muay Thai is a lot of fun, helps build confidence, and helps to get them off the games consoles!

2019 Training Times at GFC

As always all of our regular gym timetable can be found on our Training times page linked below.