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Welcome to GFC Muay Thai

GFC Muay Thai is one of the best-equipped purpose built Thai Boxing gyms in the North West. The gym has Thai Boxing equipment including two boxing rings, a padded floor, mirrored walls, hanging kick bags, speed balls, low kick, arm pads and focus mitts. It also has general fitness equipment such as a weight station, free weights, sit up benches, medicine balls, suspension systems, monkey bars, dips and chin bars, treadmills and stationary bikes. It is dedicated to providing Muay Thai Boxing instruction of the highest quality to as many people as possible. It caters not only to those wishing to compete, but also to people just wanting to train for reasons such as self defence, weight loss, increased fitness, increased confidence, social aspects and just for the fun of it, Thai Boxing is a lot of fun!

About Thai Boxing

Thai boxing is the national sport of Thailand and is widely regarded as the most effective stand up martial art in the world. Known as the art of eight limbs it uses not just kicks and punches but also knees and elbows as striking weapons together with a form of stand up grappling often referred to as clinch work. Some schools will also teach some basic grappling and evasion moves, which means that when you add them altogether you have a very effective system of self-defence. It is also a sport in its own right and is currently the fastest growing martial art in Britain. Because of the cardio vascular aspect of Muay Thai training it is also an excellent way of keeping/getting fit, loosing weight, toning up and increasing flexibility. Aside from the physical benefits of Thai boxing, it can also increase your concentration levels and has a dramatic effect on your self-confidence and self-discipline. All in all, a couple of hours a week spent doing Thai Boxing will reap excellent benefits.